3 Ways Drug-Related Crime Charges Affect Your Future

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3 Ways Drug-Related Crime Charges Affect Your Future


When you’re charged with a drug-related crime, it totally changes your life. You feel scarred, perhaps trapped by what you did. Has this become your new identity? When you are caught possessing or selling drugs, you face more than jail time.

Unemployment struggles

When you are charged with a drug-related crime in Alabama, you face serious charges. These charges can jeopardize your employment opportunities, limiting work options. If you are a parent, that can be particularly concerning since you are the provider for your children.

Financial challenges

When it comes time to buy a house or a car or help with tuition, banks and loan companies may not approve you for a loan based on your drug-related crime charges. Without a loan, you may be stuck renting, but your options will be limited there as well. Rental agencies and landlords want to fill their rentals with individuals who have not been convicted of a crime. Being arrested for a drug-related offense can have severe consequences and you need a lawyer who is on your side.

Custody issues

If you are divorced or separated, your chances of getting custody of your kids go down considerably once you’ve been convicted of a drug-related crime. Getting involved in any way with drugs will be viewed as irresponsible. And both the state and opposing lawyers will fight for that child to remain with the most responsible parent or guardian.

Once you’ve committed and been convicted of a drug-related crime, you can’t go back and choose differently. You can, however, make sure your side of the story is given a fair and accurate hearing and that your rights are not trampled on in the legal process. And if you are a loved one, one of the best ways you can support and encourage your charged family member is to get them quality legal help.

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