How a DUI could limit your career prospects

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Career setbacks aren’t uncommon. But those facing a DUI conviction can face extra obstacles in their job search.

As every industry has different entry standards, your outlook may vary.

You may run into trouble if you’re applying for “sensitive jobs”

Those going into fields like childcare, medicine, agriculture, education or engineering may have a harder time finding employment. Since these positions require caring for others or dealing with dangerous equipment, employers in these industries may disregard you because of your criminal record.

A DUI can impact your job search in other ways

Depending on your circumstances, having a DUI can negatively impact your job search in different ways as well. For instance, you might:

  • Have a hard time getting to interviews if you can’t drive.
  • Have a hard time consistently finding rides from friends and family members.
  • Raise a red flag with hiring managers if you can’t display a valid driver’s license.
  • Run the risk of running late to interviews if you take public transit or get a ride from someone else.

Receiving a charge doesn’t automatically make you guilty

Receiving a DUI charge can be frightening. While it may not limit everyone’s career prospects, that doesn’t mean it’ll make your job search any easier. If you recently got charged with a DUI, a trusted legal partner could be the difference between a clean slate and a conviction.