Alabama TV personality arrested on DUI charges

| May 29, 2020 | DUI |


A TV reporter for FOX10 was recently arrested on DUI charges. He’s a well-known TV personality in the state and a broadcast reporter, so the arrest has been making headlines. On social media, it has seen more than 1,000 shares since the report came out.

Interestingly, the arrest happened on May 24, which was a Sunday, but he was arrested just before 7 a.m. That’s typically not when most DUI arrests happen, but it is possible for people to still be intoxicated the morning after drinking and even to get a DUI after sleeping it off for a while. It is unclear if that is what happened in this case, but the timing of the arrest raises some questions.

The man will go to court on August 8. At that point, we’ll learn more about the specific charges and the potential ramifications. Since he is a public figure, this is the type of thing that may impact his career. It’s difficult to know at this point how it will affect his work.

The TV station was asked for comment, but they only said they acknowledged what had happened and were “reviewing the situation.” They offered no comment beyond that, though a further statement may be forthcoming at some future date.

A DUI is serious for anyone who gets accused, but those whose careers depend on being in the public eye may feel the impact even more than others. It is incredibly important for them to know about all of the legal defense options that they have to contest the charges against them.