How do you restore driving privileges after a DUI?

On Behalf of | Aug 2, 2021 | DUI |

Anyone arrested for driving under the influence in Alabama may face harsh consequences. While many rightfully worry about heavy fines and jail time, suffering a license suspension could create tremendous misery. Losing the ability to drive legally might hurt someone financially and create additional expenses and challenges. While the law intends to keep unsafe drivers off the road, options for appeals and reconsiderations exist.

Requesting a hearing

Alabama law presents drivers with the option to appear at an administrative suspension hearing after losing driving privileges after a DUI. The review allows drivers to address the evidence against them, including whether the BAC tests represented an accurate result or if the driver was really in physical control of the vehicle.

Those convicted of a DUI offense could take part in an interview and investigative hearing. The I&I hearing may result in a positive outcome for a driver, depending on the facts and specifics.

Preparing for a hearing

Drivers must follow the specific rules and statutes related to the review process. For example, with an administrative review, a request for the review must occur within 90 days of the DUI arrest.

Expect greater scrutiny during an I&I hearing, as any drug or public intoxication arrests and convictions may sway decisions. Those who are continually struggling with substance abuse issues might not find an easy path to restoring driving privileges.

Some drivers may choose to operate a motor vehicle with a suspended license. Doing so could lead to more legal troubles and make restoring license privileges even more challenging. Following the law and the established hearing process might keep things from getting worse.