Understanding charges for drug manufacturing

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Drug manufacturing is treated as a serious crime in Alabama. When people are making drugs, it can have serious consequences for people, structures and the environment. Examples of drug manufacturing can include making LSD or meth. In some cases, growing plants that can be made into drugs may also be considered drug manufacturing. People who are charged with first-degree drug manufacturing in Alabama need to understand the reasons behind the charge and the consequences they may be facing.

First-degree drug manufacturing

First-degree charges carry the most serious consequences in criminal law. This level of charge is reserved for the worst iterations of a given crime. For drug manufacturing in Alabama, first-degree charges are limited to specific circumstances. Examples include a booby-trapped location, the presence of firearms, or manufacture within 500 feet of homes, schools and businesses. Involving minors in the making of drugs can also lead to a first-degree charge.

Defending against these charges

Drug manufacturing can have serious consequences for communities. Meth labs, for example, can truly contaminate an environment. However, sometimes individuals are charged with first-degree manufacture when they have little involvement in the process. They’re not the kingpin. They may be a user who is acting while in the throes of addiction and doesn’t understand the bigger picture.

Some people charged with this crime may simply have plants growing on their property, where their children reside. Marijuana is nicknamed ‘weed’ in part because it will grow anywhere. Sometimes, gangs will plant it on private property where the owners don’t have knowledge of it. They may even intimidate people and force them to be silent about marijuana cultivation under threat of violence. Accordingly, some people charged with this crime may be totally innocent and even be victims themselves.

Anyone charged with first-degree manufacture needs to mount a zealous defense. In Alabama, first-degree drug manufacture can carry a sentence of 10 years to life.