Trafficking in cannabis, mandatory minimum terms of imprisonment in Alabama

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Despite the growing change in marijuana’s status, there are many laws that govern its use and distribution. In Alabama, trafficking is a Class C felony and there are mandatory sentences.

Elements of marijuana trafficking

Under state law, an offender must engage in a transaction that delivered, sold or transported at least 2.2 pounds of cannabis. The amount aligns with guidelines covered by federal law. As federal laws are concurrent with state law, that means if you cross state lines, dual drug violations are possible.

The state must prove the alleged offender knowingly broke the law to conduct the transaction.

Penalties for drug trafficking in Alabama

Punishment for a drug trafficking conviction will be severe. The standard sentence for a Class C felony falls between 366 days and a decade. Besides trafficking, C felonies include first-degree stalking with the intent to create fear of serious injury, third-degree robbery, breaking into a vehicle, looting, and interference with custody by taking a child.

Factors like criminal history can play a part in sentencing but for drug violations, the court is likely to lean toward heavier jail terms.

Split sentencing

An offender can get hit with confinement and an alternative. That’s a split sentence. In Alabama, Class C offenders will get a split sentence unless (i) they have a previous A, B or C class felony or (ii) they are already sentenced to probation, drug court or a pretrial diversion program.

Split sentencing can entail a treatment facility or confinement alternative, such as a community corrections program.


Class C felonies can come with fines starting at $15,000. That amount goes up based on how much you gained from the offense.

State laws do change. If charged with trafficking, concern yourself with actual and potential repercussions linked to the crime. Take a close look at the Code of Alabama online at the Library of Congress Guide to Law.