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Don’t Get Overwhelmed With Probate Administration

We all have a lot going on in our own lives. Between work, family, errands and chores, managing and settling someone else’s estate can seem like an impossible burden. If a loved one tasked you with handling their estate after their passing, sometimes knowing where to start is a challenge.

Here at Dummier Young LLC, we have more than 30 years of experience in Alabama probate law. Our attorneys know how complicated probate and estate administration can be, and we can help make things easier for everyone involved. With offices in Birmingham and Gardendale, we are ready to help you navigate the process.

Full-Service Counsel For Administering An Estate

We advise executors (nominated in a person’s will) and personal representatives (appointed in the absence of a will) on all aspects of probate and estate administration. Depending on the size of the estate and other complexities, it can be an overwhelming job. Our attorneys can educate you about the process and assist with all of the duties, including:

  • Opening an estate with the probate court
  • Obtaining approval from the court as executor or personal representative
  • Taking inventory of the decedent’s estate
  • Payment of any remaining debts or creditor claims
  • Sale or transfer of real estate and other property
  • Distribution of assets to beneficiaries
  • Accounting and reporting requirements

We also represent estate representatives and beneficiaries in probate litigation, whether you are defending the estate against outside threats or contesting some part of the estate process.

Let Us Make Things Easier For You

Probate is not necessarily complex, but it can be tedious and time-consuming. Our legal team can provide legal guidance as you go down the checklist or we can take on some of the more difficult tasks so that the probate process does not consume your life. If you live in southern Alabama or out of state, we can perform much of the “heavy lifting”, and in most cases, we can prevent you from coming to Birmingham at all. Our lawyers routinely represent out-of-state clients to make sure the process runs smoothly and fairly.

When you choose our lawyers to help you, you are choosing experienced guidance in probate law. With our help, you can accomplish your estate duties and still tend to your own personal needs. We will help you settle the estate in a timely and thorough manner, with as little stress as possible. Contact us today by calling 205-725-6019 or emailing us here.

No representation is made that the quality of legal services performed is greater than the quality of services performed by other lawyers.