What can happen if you’re a nurse who gets a DUI?

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Nurses have one of the most demanding yet rewarding jobs in Alabama. However, one thing that can cause your world to come crashing down around you is getting charged with driving under the influence. This is what might happen to your nursing career in that situation.

The licensing board may take action

Depending on the circumstances of your DUI, the state licensing board might want to take certain actions against you. As a nurse, you are expected to be responsible and safe as you care for patients. The board of nurses might want to hold a meeting with you to learn the details and determine whether to take disciplinary action such as suspending your nursing license. If the incident that led to your DUI charges led to injuries or death, your license might be revoked.

Be honest and report your DUI

It might be tempting not to report your DUI to the licensing board, but that is a bad idea. Be honest about your arrest; lying can only reflect negatively on you and result in more serious repercussions. If your DUI was your first offense or it didn’t result in a conviction, the state licensing board might be more forgiving.

You might also have an easier time if you acknowledge having a problem with alcohol and do everything possible to get help. Agreeing to enter rehab for your substance use disorder shows the licensing board that you recognize you have a problem and will do anything to recover.

In some cases, if you face DUI charges, the right criminal defense strategy might lead to the charges being reduced or even dropped. This can also help you save your nursing career. The same applies if you had a DUI conviction expunged and you are seeking a new nursing job. In that situation, you’re not required to report the DUI.