How a holiday gathering can turn into a criminal charge

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The holidays are full of festive occasions: family get-togethers, office parties and university students coming home for a break.

Most of these times will be spent in good cheer with laughter and swapping stories. But whenever large groups of people are gathered in one place, tensions can run high and a fight can break out. So, before you head out, it’s imperative to understand how a fun evening can end up being a night in jail.

What are the different types of assault?

In Alabama, a person can be charged with assault if they cause harm to another person. There are three different types of assault charges:

  1. First-degree: there is intent to cause physical harm with a deadly weapon or dangerous instrument, to cause permanent disfigurement, or to engage in a reckless activity that could cause the death of another person. A conviction of first-degree assault is a Class B felony punished by imprisonment of two to twenty years and fines not to exceed $30,000.
  2. Second-degree: can be due to causing severe physical injury to another person with a deadly weapon or dangerous instrument or causing bodily injury to another person with intent to cause serious physical harm. Second-degree assault is a Class C felony, which can result in a 1 to ten-year prison term and a $15,000 fine.
  3. Third-degree: occurs when a person has the intent and physically injures another person. This is the most common type of assault charge. It is considered a Class A misdemeanor with up to a $6,000 fine and one year in jail.

Bar fights are more than just a breach of public decorum. They can lead to serious legal consequences. If you find yourself facing assault charges, it’s crucial to have a good strategic defense. You will need someone to guide you through the complex process and protect your rights.